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Dry cleaning & laundry


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Where can I drop my clothes off for cleaning?

You can drop all your garments off at one of two retail locations... 


  •  5725 Vedder Rd #6, Sardis - Same strip mall as Big Box Outlet

What’s the difference between Dry Cleaning and Eco Wet Cleaning?


Traditional Dry Cleaning is the use of toxic based solvents to clean clothes. Clothes that are dry cleaned are soaked in a solvent called perc, which is the traditional cleaning method for most cleaners. They are then dried in the same machine and get pressed using either forming machines or by hand.

As you can see, dry cleaning is not really dry at all.


100% eco-friendly wet cleaners like Suits & Socks use specially designed equipment and non-toxic cleaning solvents to gently wash your garments and deliver them back to you fresher, cleaner, and brighter.


Because of the advances in garment cleaning machines and cleaning products, your clothes do not have to go through the chemical process anymore. There is little chance of anything bad happening to your garments by getting them cleaned the eco-friendly way.


You will notice, however, that they smell better, look brighter, and feel softer! 

What else is planet-friendly with Suits & Socks?


  • We also use recyclable packaging when possible

  • We use natural stain removers when possible


  • We recycle our containers, paper, and plastics


  • We offer reusable laundry bags

  • We have a recycle hangers program

Do you have hidden fees?


We are the home of transparent pricing and a simple per lb laundry model so we try to not have any extra charges.


Sometimes certain garments may need some additional stain removal procedures or have delicate fibers and might incur additional charges. In this case, we will discuss the issue with you prior to cleaning. If you ever have any questions about your billing, please e-mail or call us and we'll answer any questions you may have on pricing.



Do you attempt to remove spots from my Wash n' Fold orders as well?


We do not stain treat wash and fold laundry. We have a process to ensure your garment(s) always receive the best care. If you have an unusual spot that needs attention please alert us of it and we will see what we can do.


Most regular wash n fold laundry soil will be removed during the cleaning process. Please make sure that all items in the wash n fold bags are safe to be cleaned with your other clothes.


I want to get some Wash n' Fold done but I don't want my undergarments handled?


Totally understandable. We have touchless mesh undergarment bags for you to use to separate them from your regular laundry. The attendant will simple throw the mesh bag in the wash without touching or folding them. You will receive the mesh bag of garments back unfolded in the bag. 


There is no cost for a separate Undergarment Bag. 

Do you offer pick up and delivery service for residential customers?


Unfortunately no. We have a set delivery route for commercial customers only at this time.

Do you offer pickup & delivery services for a local business?

If your business is located anywhere in Chilliwack and you have scheduled laundry service needs we've got you covered! 

Have a question that wasn’t answered on this page? email us 

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