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Our Corporate Services

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Interested in setting up your company for our convenient pickup and delivery service?

A valuable employee benefit — that costs you nothing.

Add an employee benefit that your staff will love as much as you.

Have Suits & Socks pick up and deliver your employees’ dry cleaning for FREE while they work – absolutely no cost to you. Everybody will be spared the inconvenience of extra errands, and they’ll appreciate the benefit of you providing more free time for them to spend with family and friends or possibly even more work!

We offer all of our services to corporate clients, from dry cleaning and premium wash and fold, to alterations and repair.

It’s easy to set up your company or organization for free pickup and delivery, and we can make the schedule work for you.

The best part is, your employees will receive a Special Discount on all their dry cleaning as long as it is done through your company.

It’s easy to get started…Email us and someone will contact you right away to set it all up in less than 5 minutes.