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We Wash  Stuff!

Dry cleaning & laundry


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Most friendly staff in the industry. Seriously, we are very nice people over here. You'll see.


Your clothes will be cleaned using the most earth-friendly cleaning process available!


Happiness Guarantee. If your not happy, we're not happy. We will clean it again for FREE. 


We know you love your clothes, why else would you bother to take care of them, right.


So we take every precaution we can when it comes to handling your garments, all the way through the cleaning process.

With our earth-friendly wet cleaning method, your clothes will not be put through any harsh treatments and will come out brighter, fresher, and healthier!


Why waste time washing all those dirty clothes when we can do it all for you, with fast turnaround times.


Your clothes will be sorted, washed, and folded by a fully trained member of our team, who simply loves laundry (crazy right?).

Enjoy your life, and say no to laundry today. It will feel so good, we promise. 


Folding Shirts


Had a super busy week so I thought I give these guys a try, and what a surprise, even cost less than estimated.

J. Reimer

 Fantastic service. The two ladies at the counter are very polite, prompt and professional.

          I recommend them to               friends all the time

S. Hermin

I just received my clothes back on time. Also noticed a Ziploc bag with change I had left in my pocket. Will be using this service again.

R. Arden



Call us today to discuss the options

604 858 7822

tHE 7-Step garment journey...

1.     Sorting Station – We sort and categorize your garments by colour, type of fibre and cleaning method.

2.     Inspection Station – Next they are off to the inspection station where a team member will look over your garments and treat any spots, stains or work on any heavily soiled areas.

3.     Cleaning Procedure - Garments are now ready for cleaning according to strict procedures and proper eco-cleaning techniques using our specialized equipment and detergents.


4.     Post-Clean Inspection - Inspected once again for any lingering or tough stains. If they pass they will make their way to our pressing stations.

5.     Pressing & Ironing Stations - Our professional pressers will work their magic and make your garments look as close to new as possible. 

6.     Final Inspection – Here we make sure there are no wrinkles or improper shaping of your clothes.


7.     Packaging Station - Your clothes are now packaged in recyclable covers for their protection. 

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